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I done dooed it. I went back to the gym. I dropped Indy at school and hurried for the bus and caught it and went and worked out and I’m glad I did. So there. :p

I was in a pretty terrible mood, actually, when I got to the gym, because Indy had been obstreperous about breakfast and I thought I’d miss the bus and catching it didn’t really improve my mood.

But there’s a punching bag in the gym’s dance studio, and there was nobody around to mock me, so I put on “Under Pressure” and punched the bag for four minutes, which was EXTREMELY, *EXTREMELY* satisfying and improved my mood considerably. And then I took a jump rope off the wall and gave that a shot, and I tell you, nobody with big boobs, even encased in a quite solid sports bra, should ever have to watch themselves jump rope in a mirror. I looked like a frickin’ elephant. But once I found a rope long enough it turned out I could do 30 seconds straight without quite dying, which was a bit more than I expected, especially since I’d fumbled through a minute of jumping with a shorter rope before.

Did 10 minutes on the exercise bike and 6 minutes on the whizgig thing, the, uh, the rowing machine, and planned to do a quick hard upper body workout but got started and hit about 30 minutes of exercise total and went WOO I FEEL LIKE PUKING LET’S STOP NOW, so apparently a fairly all-out workout breaks me down at about the half hour mark. Which is okay, really, since I have 40 minutes max to work out and still be sure to catch the bus.

Which I did, and found a meditation app to use on the ride home, although I didn’t find it fast enough to use it and I have to find some good guided meditations on it, but the fact that I managed that much on the first day of school seemed like a triumph, so yay me.

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I just haven’t gotten my act together enough to blog about other stuff, like our college friend’s visit, and movies I’ve seen, and…stuff… :)

I have effectively not gone to the gym in almost two weeks. Well. No, it’s not Friday, is it. Only Wednesday. Okay, a week and a half. Anyway, I went today and I did…most…of the workout they gave me.

I dropped the crosstrainer and the squats, because I would never do either voluntarily and just the idea of them was apparently sucking the fun out of going to the gym. (I actually like working out, generally speaking.) Instead I did my 10-12 minute dance barre warmup, 10 minutes on the bike, and cut another 20 seconds off my 1K row even though I was, honestly, only half-assing it half the time.

I did the lat lifts, which I can now do 3×15 of but I don’t think I can do more than 5 with the next weight up so IDK. I did the bodyweight lat extension things, although I did them … like 10, 8, 6, because I was feeling weenie. Did the chest press and I need to add a shoulder press if I’m dropping the squats because…reasons…but I didn’t even look for the shoulder press machine today. (I could just do them free weights, but I didn’t think of it.)

I did the 3×15/150 leg press pretty casually, even at basically the end of the workout. I was going slowly enough that it was effortful, but not really difficult. I’ll up it by 20lbs next time and see what effect that has. (Well. Perhaps I should wait to see if I can walk tomorrow, first. :))

I also stopped and did a few hip ab/adductors just to amuse myself. I used light weight and only did a half set of each, or so, in hopes of not totally crippling myself, but basically I just enjoy those. AND. I *did* do the plank (Josie & the Pussycats’ Pretend to be Nice was a good song to do plank to) AND I did the horrible godawful plank variation 3×2 (Kevin Kline’s Blow, Gabriel, Blow from DeLovely turned out to be really good for it!) and only fell over on the last EIGHTH which is roughly a 175% improvement although I make no guarantees I can do that again next time.

Here, though, is the important thing about today’s workout: I enjoyed it. Or, at least, I enjoyed having done it, which I have not with the previous few I’ve done. It could be that I just adapted a bit to the exercise, but I think it’s the actual workout. Changing the things I, y’know, didn’t like…made me like it a lot more! Go figure!

I also went an hour earlier than I’ve been going, and I think that helped psychologically for some reason. The bus is hourly and I haven’t yet gotten the workout done/changed clothes etc in an hour (nor, actually, do I necessarily expect to), which means it’s 2 hours between arriving there and catching the next bus, and the whole afternoon is gone if I don’t get home until just before 6.

I was gonna say something else but I stopped for dinner and don’t remember what it was, so I’m going to post this and…totally go eat some cookies or something. :)

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So I hurt my back while carrying books on Wednesday morning and thought it was the better part of valor to not go to the gym. (It was, too.) I had not been looking forward to going at all, but once I couldn’t I was really annoyed, so that’s…perverse.

Friday the bus ran so late that by the time I got to the gym it was time to leave again, pretty much. I mean, in between arriving and going I had my first follow-up consultation about how the workout was working for me, but basically I didn’t work out.

Gym review consultation lady: So one of your goals is stress relief?
Me: Yeah, but let’s face it, I’m not gonna get anywhere on that as long as Trump is in office.
Lady: O.O

I did tell the nice lady who consulted with me that the walking lunges were not working for me, and that I wanted to give leg extensions a try to strengthen my left quad. She wanted me to do leg press, too, and since I’ll do leg press all day long any day of the week, I was down with that.

She took me over to the leg press machine and put it on 50 pounds. I began to object, but realized she was showing me the ropes and thought ‘well okay’. Then it turned out the foot plate stays still and the chair moves, so it appears you’re also moving body weight, so I was a bit more like “well okay,” but also said we’ll need to move that down for me, 50 pounds is not going to be enough.

She put it at 70. I was like “–okay,” and sat down and did a few reps to show her that I could, in fact, just about literally do that all day long. “So we’ll need to move it down some more,” she said, obviously a little surprised even though I’d told her we’d need more weight, and started to move it to 90. I was like, “Put it at 150, we’ll start there.”

She gaped, honestly, but did as she was told and I did a set of 15 reps while she continued to gape. I might not be so phlegmatic at the end of a leg-heavy workout, but really, I used to make the big dudes at the weight room gawk at my leg press, and while I’m way the hell off *that* game, my legs are still stronger than your average bear’s. And frankly, I’ll be embarrassed if I can’t do 3×15 even at the end of a workout, although if I’m right about the body weight being included I’m moving, uh, well over 300 pounds there. And if I’m wrong about that I’m completely humiliated by my wimpy legs.

The leg extensions were not so cool, actually. I mean, I can do the weight and all, but there’s some uncomfortable grinding going on around the outside of my kneecap, in a totally different place from the walking lunge pain. I was somewhat disappointed by that, because while I don’t like leg extensions I didn’t expect them to be borderline painful to the joint, and I’ll have to consider how to go forward there. (Yes, E, I will talk to the PT about it when I see her next.)

Anyway, so that’s basically all the exercise I’ve done since Monday, so I’m afraid whenever I go back (probably Monday again) I’ll be starting all over again with the AAAAAAAGONY cycle, which sucks.

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So going to the gym on Friday was definitely a good move. Today, after yesterday’s 3rd gym session, I feel stiff but not really sore, whereas I’d have been crippled if I’d started all over again.

That said, I didn’t really cover myself with glory in yesterday’s session. My left knee (and obviously quads, because the knee bone connected to the etc) really is MUCH weaker than my left. I’ve obviously been compensating with my right leg ever since I fell off the sidewalk in Y2K and screwed up my left knee and back incredibly badly. Now that I’m aware of it I’m making an effort to make sure my left leg is pulling its weight (as it were) in the workouts, but there’s clearly some work to be done there.

Point is I dropped weight on the walking lunge on Friday because I couldn’t keep form with the heavier weight, and today I couldn’t even do half a set without actual pain. My left knee just won’t take it. So I’m going to ask for a different exercise. I see some leg extensions and curls in my future.

I also just collapsed trying to do the up-down plank thing. I’m allowed, if necessary, to use my knees to help try to get up and down, but I find collapsing more efficient. :) Anyway, IDK if I just gained five pounds over the weekend (I’ve been eating steadily since Thursday) and can’t handle my own body weight or if I was just having an incompetent day, but resistance-workout-wise, it was not the best workout.

OTOH my cardio improved visibly. I managed, with only a minor degree of difficulty, to get the machines set properly, and did 10 minutes on the frigging crosstrainer without quite dying. (I brought my own music and did most of it with my eyes closed, which I found helped.) The cycling was fine, and I remembered to put the resistance on the rowing machine up to 10, supposing it would slow me back down again. Except I cut another 15 seconds off my 1K time instead, so that was a sort of nice surprise.

(evidence of eating steadily since Thursday: I was out to lunch with my dad and sister on Thursday and ordered potato soup, “To make up for my plan to eat an entire pizza later today,” I said to my sister. “Um,” she said, “how does that make up for it…?”

Me: IDK but


Oh, also on a triumphant note, I’ve actually walked 10K+ steps every day for the past 7 days. And my shoes are on their last legs (as it were) and I’m feeling it in a not-good way, but I did it, and I’m pleased about that. :)

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I went to the gym for my Consultation today. That sounds very impressive, doesn’t it, a Consultation? Very impressive.

I was not looking forward to it at all. I have never been Consulted at a gym before. It turned out to be fine. My strong opinions were not swept away by Somebody Who Knows Better, so, y’know. It was fine. (“Okay, cardio,” the guy says. “What kind of cardio are you interested in?”

“I will not run for you,” I said flatly. “I’ll swim, cycle, row, whatever, but I will not run.”

He wrote down “no running.” Good Consultant. Have a cookie.)

Anyway, I was Consulted and Weighed and Measured and as Ted said, “They weighed me in kilograms, but at least they didn’t have to use metric tonnes,” and I told Consultation Guy I was interested in having the arm and waist and thigh etc measurements but not in knowing what they were, because I’m genuinely not interested in the actual number. But I’ve often thought, after several months of working out, “I should have measured to see where I started,” and so now I have a record to look back on sometime, which is potentially interesting. Consultation Guy was fine with that.

What, he wanted to know, were my goals. Stress relief, primarily (“hard job?” he asked, and I didn’t have the wit to say “PARENT, SO YEAH” because mostly I was thinking “more like afraid we’re all going to die in a nuclear holocaust, actually”) but core strengthening and weight loss would be nice too. Free weights or machines, “Free weights,” I said, and then I went out and prodded at the machines and was like “dang I’m gonna need a primer on using these things because they’ve gotten a lot fancier since I used them regularly, ai.” And he asked a couple other, well, he asked a bunch of other things but anyway that was the gist of all that Consultation.

And the result is that he’ll work up a workout for me (one that will not, I presume, involve running) and I get to try it tomorrow.

In the meantime I did a smol exercise on my own. I did about ten minutes of dance floor exercise, poked at a couple machines, and did ten or twelve minutes on a stationary bike. I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow, but I’m sure it’ll be nothing like the anticipated crippling agony on Thursday or Friday….

I’m going to need a gym icon if I blog about this much more. Should I blog about it more?

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We found a gym we can get to on the bus, and in a moment of daring, got memberships.

The guy helping us was from Miami. He was fit and slim and gorgeous like he’s always been 190lbs. Says he was 240, 2 years ago.

(This commentary paused while Ted and I have an argument about how much the dude weighed. THE POINT IS HE LOST FIFTY POUNDS AND DOESN’T LOOK LIKE HE WAS EVER OVERWEIGHT.)

Anyway, the paperwork we filled out had a number of questions that Ted and I perhaps didn’t take quite seriously enough:

Gym form: what’s your current fitness level
Me (I actually wrote this): PPPFFFLLLBBBBTTT
Gym guy: lol, Irish trainers are gonna be like WTF?

Gym form: what have you been doing lately
Ted: eating my weight in Cheetos
Gym guy: not since moving here!
Ted: no, we found them here at–
Gym guy: DON’T TELL ME

A passionate discussion of love for ham-and-cheeto sandwiches ensued. :)

Anyway, the membership comes with a 1/w meeting with a PT for 6 weeks, and then bimonthly follow-ups, which is pretty cool. They also have (get this) a monthly social club and a bunch of other kinds of, like, actively community-building stuff, and warned us flat-out that if we start missing time at the gym they’ll call us up and be like “so, uh, what’s the deal, everything okay?”, which is awesome if true.

“You gonna start today?” asked our new Miami friend, who ended up in Ireland because he met a red-headed, blue-eyed Irish girl in Miami and followed her back to Ireland. They’ve been married 7 years and he’s lived here for 8. Also his sister moved to Anchorage a while ago and got married in Girdwood last summer and so he spent a week there and said he kept going on REALLY LONG runs without noticing it because he was gazing at the scenery and he’d be like “crap i’ve gone 10k already i better turn around” and he’s from a swamp but he never met mosquitoes like those ones before, jeez! :)

“No,” we said, “our son’s birthday party is tomorrow and then the buses don’t run so we’ll be on on the 2nd.”

“Great!” he said. “You can get it all out of your systems, eat cake and cheetohs, then come in and start new! Oooh. Except that’s right before Cinco de Mayo! Oh no! The tequila!”

“Nooo,” Ted said. “Oooh, nooo.”

We’re gonna bring him a little bag of Cheetohs for Cinco de Mayo, tho. :)

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